The pecan nut is native to North America, where 95% of the global pecan crop is grown in the Sun Belt, ensuring the perfect climatic conditions for growing pecans. Native Americans used the pecan trees along migration routes as a major food source in the central, Eastern and river valley of Mexico in the United States.

Jas Trading has a long-lasting exclusive partnership with Green Valley Pecan Co. in Shuarita, Arizona, where we are responsible for all commercial and supply chain-related activities for the Dutch market.
Green Valley Pecan Co is one of the world’s largest growers and processors of pecans as well as the biggest exporter of pecans to Europe. Geographically located in the South of Arizona, ensuring perfect climatic and soil conditions, Green Valley can ensure and maintain the highest quality standards.

Being a third-generation family-owned company founded nearly seventy-five years ago, Green Valley has set strict values in terms of uncompromising commitment to quality and over the years developed the ability to deliver a consistently superior-tasting pecan nut. Green Valley Pecan Co. is BRC-certified, ensuring the highest standards in the pecan industry for food safety, quality and traceability.