India is the largest single grower of cashew nuts and the second-largest supplier of kernels. Vietnam, being relatively new to the cashew industry, has developed into the largest global exporter of kernels. Both Vietnam and India import in-shell cashews from West Africa for further processing. West Africa alone accounts for 60% of the global cashew crop. In the West African region cashews are grown around the Equator, from Gambia up to Nigeria. When you take into account cashews are also grown in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar, Africa is the main supply source for cashews and, for some countries, the number-one export item.

Despite the importance of Africa in the global cashew supply, the bulk of the nuts – more than 90%, by our estimate – is re-exported to India and Vietnam for further processing. Our main supply base is located in India and Vietnam, where we source directly from processors and have built long-lasting and solid relationships with premium shippers, supporting our strategy of maintaining stability and high-quality standards. In both India and Vietnam we work closely with our inspection team, checking each lot prior to shipment to ensure the quality will meet your expectations.

Besides containerized deliveries worldwide, we are also able to serve you on a tailor-made basis from our warehouse in Rotterdam.