General information
The cultivation of peanuts is spread over many world region's with diverse ecological and climatic conditions and soil. These characteristics influence the crop results such as size, appearance, colour and maturity time.

World peanut production totals approximately 39 million metric tons per year. Shelled peanuts are being used in numerous products, which have a number of applications including the bakery, confectionery and the general consumer market.

Together with our principal the Israel Groundnuts Production and Marketing Board we are able to supply you the full range of highest quality groundnuts in shell.

The main growing zone of the Israeli groundnuts in shell is the Israeli Negev (semiarid) region. With sandy soil that yields a very white and clear shell, an unique phenomenon and a very attractive one.

Origin / Growing areas

The peanut plant is thought to have originated in South America. These days they mainly grow in:

  • China
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • United States of America
  • Sudan
  • Senegal
  • Argentina
  • South-Africa.
  • Israel (ranks the top in average yield per unit area)
Red skin and blanched peanuts, roasted & salted

Harvest periods

The Israel groundnuts in shell are harvested in September.

Grades / Varieties

There are 4 different varieties as:

  • 'Virginia'
  • '(Peruvian) Runner'
  • 'Spanish'
  • 'Valencia'.

The shelled peanuts are sorted per shape, colour and size.

The Israel groundnuts in shell are sorted as follows:

  • Super Giant Extra Fancy, 6/8 pods per ounce
  • Giant Extra Fancy, 7/9 pods per ounce
  • Extra Fancy, 9/11 pods per ounce
  • Super Giant Choice, 6/8 pods per ounce
  • Giant Choice, 7/9 pods per ounce
  • Extra Fancy Choice, 9/11 pods per ounce


The Israel groundnuts in shell are packed in jute bags of 30 kg or in big bags of 600 or 650 kg.

Nutritional values (per 100 gram)

  • Nutritional values (per 100 gram)
  • Energy 561 kcal. / 2.374 kJ.
  • Total Fat 48,1 gr.
  • Total Protein 25,25 gr.
  • Total Carbohydrates 8,29 gr.
  • Total Minerals 1,2 gr.
  • Total Vitamins 6,9 mg.

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