Dates - Medjoul

General information
The natural Medjoul dates are premium quality dates. The dates are packed in their natural state, without sweeteners or additives. They have a long shelf life of up to three months. Medjoul dates vary in colour from light to dark brown depending on the growing area.

Medjouls are unique, not only for the sweet taste, but also for their unequalled juiciness. A dried Medjoul date weighs between 15-23 grams.

Together with our principal Field Produce from Israel we are able to supply you the natural Medjoul dates in a tailor made way

Origin / Growing areas


Harvest periods

The dates are harvested from September to October and processed until December. The dates are available all year round.

Grades / Varieties

High quality grades:      Weight per unit (gr.)    Skin separation     Humidity           Colour

  • Super Premium           31+                            0%-6%                26%              Golden brown
  • Super Jumbo              27+                          up to 10%          22%-26%         Brown
  • Jumbo                      24-27                         up to 10%          22%-26%         Brown
  • Large                       18-23                         up to 10%          22%-26%         Brown
  • Medium                    15-18                         up to 10%          22%-26%         Brown
  • Bonbon                      28+                               0%                34%-36%         Golden


Star Diamond; sorted as Large only; up to 25% skin separation.

Jumbo Choice (555); up to 35% skin separation.

Large Choice; up to 35% skin separation.

Iskaot (444); up to 35%-60% skin separation; weight 18gr+.


The dates are packed in carton boxes of 5 kg. One pallet fits 200 carton boxes.

Nutritional values (per 100 gram)

  • Energy 283 kcal. / 1.160 kJ.
  • Total Fat 0,4 gr.
  • Total Protein 1,6 gr.
  • Total Carbohydrates 68,0 gr.
  • Total Minerals 0,6 gr.
  • Total Vitamins 13,1 mg.

Terms and Conditions

Jas Trading is a member of the Dutch Dried Fruit Association and of C.E.N.T.A. 

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